How quickly do our products ship?

Unless otherwise mentioned in an item's description, our cedar products usually ship within 7-10 business days of receiving an order and Custom orders generally ship within 10-14 business days. We ship via UPS, FedEx Ground and FOB our plant common carrier. Transit time is typically 2-5 business days, longest to the west coast.

How do I calculate the shipping cost?

Most of our shipping is FOB the plant and shipping is determined by dimensional weight, we will provide you an ESTIMATED cost. When your job is complete, a final trucking cost is determined. You then will be asked for the destination zip code. We submit this - and the cost of shipping plus the total cost of your items will be sent to you. No other information is gathered at this point.

Do you ship outside the continental US?

Yes, we ship within the continental United States and most places abroad. We cannot ship to PO boxes or APO boxes.

Do you have a printed catalog?

We do offer a printed catalog. Our Products are updated frequently and sales are offered periodically. Just call our toll free number or go to our web site www.cedarfences.com we will be happy to send you any information you require.

Where are your cedar rails and cedar products made?

Our Rails and wood products are hand crafted in the Town of Plattsburgh. NY, located just out side of the Beautiful Adirondack Mountains, at the most Northern end of New York State. We are a Family owned, small town manufacturer who is committed to quality and service.

What types of wood are used in the manufacture of your Fences and Railings?

We use some of the most beautiful and durable woods you will find anywhere. Our hand crafted railings and. Fences are made from Northern White Cedar or non-treated Adirondack White Pine.

Are the fences and rails durable enough for outdoor use?

Yes - These are true natural wood products, with a natural resistance to Decay Cedar, both Northern White and Western Red, grow in moist conditions and swamps and are very highly rated for natural decay and disease resistance by the Forest Products Laboratory

According to the Wood Handbook of the Forest Service/United States Department of Agriculture, "white cedar is primarily used where a high degree of durability and resistance to the elements is necessary." Northern White Cedar has the best insulating value of any wood and possesses superior dimensional stability.

Do unfinished railings and fences have to be finished?

No, White Cedar can be left Natural (and many people do this). However, your unfinished wood Fences or railings will last longer if a finish is applied. At the minimum, we recommend treatment with an easily applied water sealant of the type used on outdoor decks (we do this ourselves). Left this way, the wood will slowly weather to a soft silver gray. Some natural cracks may appear, however these do not usually affect the strength of the wood.

If I choose to finish my rails or fence, what should I use?

That depends on where you live - we've found that your local, hardware store can provide the best advice and product selection depending on local conditions. In general - you can use either stain or paint. Easily applied exterior water-based paints work quite well, oil based paint is not necessary.

Is assembly of your railing systems difficult?

No - these are kits! All Rails are predrilled for easy assembly. You can have your rail system partially assembled so you only need to attach Newel posts for a small assembly charge. Assembly instructions are available on the website and are included with shipped items. Note: Stair handrails do not come pre drilled, they are measured and assembled on site.